About Match Cut

Match Cut is the official publication of the University Film Society and was created as a place for students to explore film writing and share their work with other club members and the internet at large. At Match Cut, we host essays of all sorts, from reviews to personal reflections to analysis. This is a platform for you, the members of UFS, to share your work with the world. Showcase movies that have been lost to the sands of time and the sea of culture, discuss the moviegoing experience that have impacted you, or even to chart a course for others to follow through some forgotten genre. No experience required, just passion and a few hundred words.

To those not involved in the University Film Society, I sincerely hope you enjoy the works presented here and appreciate the works of the wonderful students who make up the lifeblood of this publication.

– Chance Freytag, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Want to write for Match Cut?

For inquiries of any kind, whether you want to workshop an idea or submit any unpublished writing, just email us at matchcutblog@gmail.com!